Wise Advertising vs. Poor Time Management

Support is normally a rewarding action I get to do each day.

The pleasure is in rewarding our loyal surf members with bonus credits, banner and text impressions for their consistent surfing actions.

But .. a few members just do not read their back offices.  The BONUS contest pages lay it out pretty clear as to what is available to earn.

When you STOP ONE click short of a bigger bonus, I have to wonder why?

What is the difference between 49 and 50; or 199 and 200; or higher? Amazing the time and effort it could save you if you were just comfortable with your sign in area.

Wise Advertising Media Use That Pays

Ever wanted to sign up for the START PAGE? Was cool to find out NO COST in money, you could have it for credits.

The shock came when you looked at your credit stash. Pretty much short?  If I told you that using the START PAGE meant EVERY surfer on line that day will see YOUR page first. IF every ninth to 11th surfer wanted your offer, would surfing more or buying a credit package to test your offer be worth it?

Rotating or Regurgitating

Have a webpage URL entered in rotation is no guarantee it will even be seen every day. Why? With thousands of pages in rotation, if their owners all have a healthy credit stash, then they will be seen. If you sit there with 20 or 30 then guess what happens to your credits first and what does not happen to your site?

The larger the membership, the larger the pool of website URLs and the MORE Credits you MUST assign to even hit the top 200 URLs shown once let alone nine or even 11 times.

Then there are those  few like fast browsers …

… and whammo their accounts are suspended or they are banned because they miss the ‘fail to click‘ that appears approximately every 30 pages or so. That page is also rotated for timing  It is one way we can make sure your pages are viewed, not treated like autosurf  programs.

Admin support bonus denial

That is the part that is not so satisfying, is when I have to deny a surfing member those bonus credits because they failed to click. I see the Banned and I shake my head.

Suspended is the other culprit that keeps a lot of people off their game and unable to log in. Just like the BANNED there is only ONE solution.

Check the front of the menu. See the SUPPORT icon near the bottom?  You gotta make it your best friend when you cannot log in. It will require a Please and thank you mail requesting your account information and your promise to LOOK for and obey the ‘fail to click’ ~ five times and you are back at support. 2. Click at least 50 sites to get your website URLs back on active when you able to sign in.

Remember, the basic search requires you sign in and surf once every 15 days minimum to stay active. If you want the cool traffic and conversions you think your product is worth then you need to stay on top of funding your credit stash and surf according to the rules.

Money Savers
There is a super easy way to avoid most of this issue.  Upgrade. It isn’t that expensive. In fact, if you choose to upgrade for SIX months, we will match you and double your stay, making it ONE full YEAR of prepaid membership.

Time Management
Every month you will receive credits to help keep your URLs activated. This step keeps your fingers and your mind concentrating on the marketing of each affiliation you wish you had time to promote properly.

Happy New Year! With 2013 right around the corner, now is the time to make some real time changes in how you use your time on the net.   You can do it! You can make it happen!

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense.

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  1. Dale Thomson says:

    Great info Fran..This post I think will save a lot of our members alot of headache and frustration. Thanks for sharing it.

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