When will my site produce hits?

Traffic Exchanges [TEs] were designed to advertise your URLs but they were not designed to promote the miracle of “I want” so there are a few rules.

Manual TEs mean you surf them one click at a time. Your level of membership will show how many clicks make a credit.

Here is where the conflicts can arise about how many times your pages are being shown.

  • You surf for hits
  • Hits MUST be converted to credits
  • Credits converted to Banner imps
  • Credits converted to Text Imps

In 10khits4unow and Clickaholics [soon to be 21stCenturySurf when moved to new script] you do not have to add credits, the system automatically deducts one each time your sites are viewed.

By watching your credits, NOT your hits, you can tell how often your pages are shown. You can also tell when you need to be earning MORE hits to convert to credits so your pages are actively in rotation.

Your Surfing Patterns

Your surfing patterns tell a lot about your results, both expected and in real time stats. Such as showing up once or twice a week and surfing 30 sites keeps your account active. But what does it do for your page shows?

Now you are back at square one ~ what is the difference between hits and credits and how many do you have of each? You do the math. They appear on the left hand column when you sign in.

Website URLs you promote.

How many do you have in each TE? Do you have a campaign running for each of them? For ONE of them? Ever?

The number of urls showing active in each account is not a sign each page will be shown a lot more than anyone who may only have one to four sites in rotation. Why? A quick check shows me many of the URLs are inactive. A few have received eight or more hits but not on a consecutive day.

Check your surfing patterns for solutions, then choose to add a banner for each URL you wish to promote and increase conversion ratios all round by adding a complimentary text ad as well.

Instant Site Approval
There are two final areas that can improve or sink your promotions quicker than you can snap your fingers.

When you add a new website URL, do you go back and approve it? Why not? It tells you right where you add them to do it for quicker rotation entry.

In case you do not understand this point of TE Toolbox approving or denying your webpage entry, we use it the same way. So if TE Toolbox does not approve your site URL then neither will we.

Once you have approved them then look after your credit store in order that each webpage URL can be actively shown in rotation. No credits, no shows. The system deducts them, all you have to do is keep them on hand.

The second way to improve traffic to your pages is to promote the very TEs you advertise in. No promotions, no new subscribers, no new blood to view your pages.

The power here is by building a strong active downline, you not only have new eyes to view your pages, you have new prospects for your business products or services. Someone to talk to about them.

Relationship and list building
Building relationships with this warm list can get you off to a flying start getting them to emulate your actions. You are growing your first list and your first team of like-minded subscribers.

Build the relationship on getting to know them.
Where does your …

  • target market live?
  • What are they doing online?
  • How many TEs do they belong to?
  • How are they using them to market?

What you learn about your new subscribers can make a major difference in knowing if they even want your product or services. If you are not about supply a soluton because it does not fit your market plans, then by all means keep this person happy with recommendations and referrals to someone who will.

You cannot be all things to all people so do not even try. What your first job to do is to generate traffic and leads. By adhering to some of the ideas and values explained in this post, you should be off to a very good start.

Till next time, your editor …

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense.
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    first click; the inhouse mailer for anyone who is a pro member, are all
    great ways to get your business out on the web! But you also need
    to promote 10k to bring in your leads, so more eyes are seeing your
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