Heady Reading Makes For Bright Leaders

Imagine wasting time building downlines that go inactive, or list building with dumb giveaways that never turn a good conversion. Not a good prospect.

You need both regardless of what others say. Downlines are your warm market.  People who may have chosen to join you as well as the opportunity. List building, again creates a more targeted audience. When done right, the general funnelling allows you the chance to divide a major list into several smaller interest groups.

In both cases, the secret is in the follow up. To build downlines, you need to understand the product you wish to promote and who the people might be who wish to own it.

The next step is to advertise it. Counting on ‘friends’ and some new acquaintance to follow you is suicide. Count your ‘hot’ list and then divide by 10 and check off 1%. That is your join market.

We can play stats thus forever lessening that join margin when it would be better to exercise the grey cells and promote the daylights out of the product or service to find your target market.

Creating Lead Capture Pages [LCPs] directing interested viewers to your autoresponder is what you need to be doing. now you are listbuilding as well. Very basic for sure, but the foundation is there. Again the follow up with decent emails that give them what they want is going to improve your marketing share exponentially.

Auto-responders remove the fear of communicating with ‘strangers’ when you do not know what to say talking with them on the phone.

Think of it as the automatic response answering happily to what your new subscriber asked for. Once you feed the autoresponder with exciting emails that encourage action on the part of your new prospect, it will followup with them whenever you tell it to … automatically.

Get your downlines into an autoresponder series as well. Then your sponsor duties of automatic follow up can take on a whole new active meaning.

Our ViralHost auto-responders [FREE with hosting packages] will help make you an effective sales person experiencing the good fortune of super followups that could lead to repeat sales.

The list of why you need an autoresponder is forever growing but the bottom line best reason, is to keep your prospect happy to know you and work with you for their success.

Do you know how many new leads forget who their sponsor is
within 24 hours of joining? Building that relationship of getting to know you, like you and trust you can be an automatic action if you learn to use an autoresponder.

Bright Leaders understand the successfully heady feelings of
automatic followup resulting in handsome commission dividends that never end. If you are not one, maybe it is time you became one.

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    This post about autoresponders just happens to tie-in with ViralHost
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