Odd Credit Balances Defeat Good Intentions

Hits are what you earn when you surf 10khits4unow, Clickaholics, and 21stCenturySurf.

Credits, banner and text impressions are what you end up with when you use an ICON called CONVERT on the TOOLs pages.  In 21stCenturySurf, the conversions are done right on the banner and add text links pages.

Unbalanced showing of your URLs can easily happen if you do not keep your hits converted for use in promotions.

Increasing your conversion potential by using URLs, banner and text impressions and ProTrafficFunnel by an easy 400% is a smart move.

However, the intent hits the skids when your balances keep running out because you do not keep an eye on them.

What happens there, is you become a high frequency surfer and promoter. That means heavy promotions for a day or a week then whammo nada. The interest you created suddenly disappears and you have to start all over again attracting interest in what you have to offer.

Are you advertising too many URLs at one time? Can you sustain a target balance per URL in order to create regularity in promotion rather than hit and miss?

What about using the other tools that increase conversions? Do you also use a complimentary banner AND a text ad to move your offers?

Banners increase conversions by 2% where a URL may only work 1/2 to 1% with steady advertising.  Now Text ads seem to really move the attraction factor to greater conversion ratios.  You need to be using them all, testing and making sure you can track the results.

ProTrafficFunnel not only hides ugly URLs it gives you a tracking method, plus if you have your own hosting with us you have your AWstats to give you even more results.

Every tool you need is found in your login area of each of the three Traffic Exchanges. Becoming familiar with them is a very smart move so that a simple checklist can be formulated to keep all your promotions on track and giving you 100% return on your efforts.

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1 Response to Odd Credit Balances Defeat Good Intentions

  1. George Culp says:

    People might thing the 400% is a gross exaggeration but I know differently.

    ProTrafficFunnel will also increase your conversion rates plus the reach of your ads far exceeds what advertising you can do on your own!

    Make sure you join and use ProTrafficFunnel Traffic Links and Ads.

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