Insider Secret To Marketers Sorrow

A lot is written about marketing that either goes over a new marketer’s feet or under them.  In any case, the lack of simplicity in the message confuses to the point of ignoring what might be considered sound marketing advice.

Some of the issues that hinder and create Marketers Sorrow are:

  •     sucker offers
  •     instant easy riches claims
  •     time management
  •     poor record keeping
  •     struggling alone
  •     advice from outside users
  •     Broken URLs
  •     incomplete promotions
  •     lack of branding
  •     poor positioning

As you can see, it is easy to be negative and overwhelming all at the same time.

Someone told the first big lie.“Marketing is easy as one-two-three! Just follow me to instant riches!”

That statement contains TWO major lies. Yet in your excitement to make your millions, you sucked yourself right in.

 Hard-Way Jones Exit Stage Left
Not to worry. In the  days and months ahead, you will have plenty of time to rue all bad decisions. IF it really is that important that you learn the hard way then that is your choice.

Meantime for the marketers who want long-term real success, then let’s turn those negatives around.

1. Problem – when you join several different programs, you have several different sets of marketing models to try to work with.

Each  opportunity makes specific offers that they expect will cause you to join. Every notice how similar they all are?

Then you find, dollars later, you got the what but not the how. Again the similarities have to strike you as odd when they are supposed to be so unique.

The must haves are simple.

  •     A website
  •     A sequential autoresponder
  •     A list


All of those, if you notice are the ‘whats’ they talk about.  The ‘HOW‘ is missing because they want more dollars from you.  AND then they may be reluctant to teach you what really works.  Gotta make you a repeat buying customer.

On one hand, that is only good business, on the other you not only pay in dollars but in frustration waiting for that insider secret that never materializes.

The Solution?

Work to create a solid business foundation on which you can build a profitable business that is YOUR choice.

That is the missing insider secretYOUR choice of business. Most of these companies expect you to keep right on joining more opportunities that do not fit who you are.

So what can you do?
Try the ViralHost solution.

  •     profitable secure hosting packages
  •     Plans you choose that fit your budget

Inclusive Resources:

  •     sequential autoresponder
  •     Sitebuilder
  •     Social community
  •     Unquestionable superb 24/7 support
  •     Incomparable training in all resources

Finish it all up with three traffic and leads generating Traffic exchanges, a URL protector and you have several income streams to get you started all paying a healthy 50% commission to build the cash stash you will need to add your choice of business.

The worst thing yet is to try to start a business when your bank account is overdrawn. ViralHost strategies will help you  fill it up to brimming over IF you follow the P L A N.

Oh and don’t forget, we have the what and how to get you building your own contact list immediately.

How to Really Prevent Marketers Sorrow

By using the ViralHost strategy you can create immediate income while you build that all important list – make that lists. That is the other insider secret you need to know.

Go on over to and sign up as an affiliate.  Once you check out what is there,  choose a domain name if you need one, or your choice of hosting package.

Isn’t it time you grow with people who care? We got the PLAN and we got your back.

Fran Klasinski – Editor
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