How Are TEs Losing Your Respect

Are Traffic Exchange owners losing your respect?  Are they driving you away in hordes rather than attracting you to using TEs for advertising?

When the complaint came down that FREE members were not going to surf Traffic Exchanges [TEs] that only gave out 3:1 credits, some were even higher, the tempo began with change.

TEs do not generally create income off FREE members. So it stands to reason that a FREE member should not have the same perks an upgraded member would qualify for.

Sadly, the push was on to give the FREE member rights to connect with their downlines; [I still agree with that right] and better surfing ratios.  They were even allowed to make a 10% commission off of member sales of credits and upgrades by their subscribers.

In a nutshell, by giving into FREE member demands, most TEs cut their own throats and commisison opportunities to the members who were upgraded. What happened? Upgrade renewals hit an all time low.

To make FREE members  the future of TEs, it will be necessary to rewrite the benefits they are currently allowed.  In other words NO commissions earned as a free member. Nor should their credit rating be so good they have no reason to uprade.

Instead, they are the ones that should receive the kind of attention that encourages them to upgrade for better credit bonuses and better commisison status in respect to all sales or upgrades their downline make.

In order to make that happen, the current benefits for upgraded members needs to be rewritten in order that they are the ones who earn better commisison status in all forms of sales they encourage through their downlines.

FREE is the door opener to using TEs. To learn how to surf with focus and know what it is you are trying to do. List building should be a top priority and learning all you can as a FREE member takes the sting out of the risk of upgrading and losing out.

The above is my opinion on what I am seeing across the board in many TEs. What do you think about what I have suggested, and do you have something to post here that furthers this discussion in a positive way?

Feel Free.

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I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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3 Responses to How Are TEs Losing Your Respect

  1. sharon ticknor says:

    As one traffic exchange owner states,” no money in—no money out”.
    Traffic exchange owners have costs just like every other serious person who
    works online. Supporting the industry means all share in the cost to keep their
    favorite exchanges going. The other choice of course is adwords or adsense.
    Free mwembers are always welcome to come and test traffic exchanges for
    deliverability and value. If one is getting the page views then the owner should
    be recompensed for their service.
    It’s just the right thing to do.

    Sharon Ticknor

  2. George Culp says:

    Very good comment Sharon!
    A TE is like any other business – those that pay reap the biggest rewards.
    Pure and simple

    George Culp

  3. As you said Fran, being able to join a traffic exchange for free gives the
    member an opportunity to see what it offers without having to put out
    any money first. A traffic exchange basically is so others can see the
    business opportunity the member is promoting plus for the member
    to see the other person’s business.

    I’m wondering if the exchanges that are offering pennies for surfing
    have brought people in who are just interested in surfing and collecting
    those pennies? Maybe most of them really don’t have a business. To
    me that just makes it a hobby rather than a business venture.

    Old sayings quite often are true and the old saying, “It takes money to
    make money” is true. If you don’t have $5 or $10 to upgrade in a
    traffic exchange then you probably won’t get too far with an online

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