Sweethearts Sucked In By Scammers?

Happy Valentines Day
If you celebrate, of course.  And how about the fact it is a leap year? Might that mean whomever popped the question gets to be the guest tonight?

Build her/him a Valentine – FREE to Test

Serious Changes
It would be nice to think that all the people we meet online are nice folks who can be trusted not to take advantage of your being new or perhaps not so new, just in need of a bit of ready cash.

In 2004 such a ruckus was raised about hyip, cyclers and similar works of scam artists. Many people lost their savings believing in this sort of trap.

The law clamped down hard. It will happen again. The FTC is getting involved here and people are finally wising up enough to report these programs that raise red flags.

Due Diligence by YOU
Under the gun is both JSSTrippler and (You’ve) Just Been Paid charged as scams, are raising red flags all over the Internet. YouTube is removing any and all of their advertising there.

Until their position is clarified with the FTC or other advertising agencies, we must do the same. To continue to promote them means we too can be charged.  IF they are a hyip or cycler, then they break our TOS.

Our Data Bases Are All Cleaned
The other serious news is that 10khits4unow underwent severe pruning. All inactives that have been carried for over ONE year have been removed.

This will make it easier for you to control the responses you seek from your subscriber base.  The only thing inactives do is bloat the system and hold everyone back from serious marketing.

Do you read our newsletters and our blogs regularly? Do you watch your mail for our updates?  If you do then be sure to share them with your downline. The more you educate them on what they miss and what is available to them, the more apt they are to respond to you and to be the member you need to help build your lists and business.

Got feedback? Comments? We’d love to hear from you. ALL  comments are posted UNLESS they break advertising law or are blatant flaming or scamming.  We reserve the right to edit your comments.

Care to link to our blogs? That way you do not miss new content. AND if you place our links on your web sites, neither will your followers.

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2 Responses to Sweethearts Sucked In By Scammers?

  1. George Culp says:

    All this just goes back to the age-old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.

    Its a tough job to monitor all the websites people advertise on our traffic exchanges but we perform our best due diligence to help protect you, too.

    The same goes for all the product offerings at forutwo.com

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone celebrating this day.

  2. Thank you Fran, George, Mike and Sharon! It is great to have a
    program that does due diligence all the time. I appreciate the fact
    that as program owners your WIIFM is not just trying to get money
    for yourself but for your members as well! I also know that I can’t
    just rely on you to watch out for the scams, I also have to do my own
    due diligence and I know at times I neglect that!

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