Heads Up Important Server Move Affects You

10khits4unow gnome mascot imgHeads Up Important Server Move

our host company will be moving our sites to a
bigger and better server. They estimate these
improvements will take approximately 18-24
hours to complete. We appreciate your patience
and understanding while these changes occur.

A few tips to protect your credits:

You can put your web pages on hold. Same with
banners and text ads for 24-48 hours.

However – be warned. You need to pause them in
all the TEs you have advertised them in.

Each page, banner, text and square banner, where
used, will come up an error 404 – Not Found if you
do not do the above. If lucky, it may say a 505 to
do with a server move.

Please do not report NOT FOUND pages on this date.
If admin suspends them or deletes them, then same goes
for you,because someone will report yours too,  you will
have to enter them all over again.

Our sites that will be affected:


And, keep in mind, several other websites whose TE
sits on our current server PLUS … ALL websites.

Recommended Reading:

21stCS: Heads Up Important Server Move Sunday

Clickaholics : Sites Down Server Move This Sunday

27/4/15 Orbital Traffic results will be published in the
PromoWinnerPage As will Trucking Traffic Results.

That’s it until May 1, 2015. Another month has passed.
What have you done to build your online lists?

If there is one thing I have learned since coming
online, it matters not what interest you choose to
become involved with,

no list – no customers – no income.

If you are new, take 80% of your time to build your
list and downlines, deep and strong.

If not so new, then you can work a 50-40 ratio on
part of your time looking for referrals.

Take full of advantage of the next two days to be
prepared with online work. Then during server
downtime you can write your mails and ads.

Thank You For Being You

It you are a regular member of 10khits4unow, I want
to take this time to thank you for being loyal and for
the fine marketing I am sure we will all take part in
as 10khits4unow takes its rightful place as a leader
amongst the many traffic exchanges currently struggling
to be nearly as successful.

Most of the wins will be manually added as they have
been in the past. Many a time you will be rewarded with
more than you have earned because I appreciate your efforts.

This Week mission:

Vote for 10khits4unow in the AF voting pool of great TEs.
If you belong to TEs that ask you to vote for them in Affiliate
Funnel, do so but leave #1 spot for 10khits4unow. Vote
EVERY DAY and as 10khits4unow rises in the standings, so
will your bonus credits.

Surf 50 sites to reactivate your account. Surf 125 for the stated
bonus. ADD ONE Web site, ONE banner and ONE text ad for
350 Banner and 500 text ad bonus.

If you clicked on the link to open this mail, you earned 15 credits.
IF you pass on this mail via the What you have missed link and
send in a “I told five members” as the subject line, I will award
you a further 100 credits for your promoting.

Marketing Resources

Make sure to read and to bookmark the following:
Regular Resource Sites to Bookmark:


10khits4unow Calendar of Events

ViralHost Scheduler: http://www.viralhost.com/conf2.html

Cogs & Logs news : http://newsletters.viralhost.com/

Daily Surf Calendar:

ViralHost FaceBook Fan Page – visit and Give us a LIKE!

Every 100th member earns a prize for like and comment.

That’s it for today. You are encouraged to stay on top
of your business. Keep your sites in rotation.
Connect each day,with someone on your subscriber list.
And last but not least, do market for you.
Surf and promote!

Till the next time …

Me_sm ovalYour Editor

Admin: Fran Klasinski-warriorlady,

About admin

I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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