Serious Lead Generation

serious lead generationIt begins with you. There are a ton of ways to
accomplish lead generation. Each one has a
different requirement, yet each one belongs
in your arsenal of lead generation tools.

Less than enthusiastic

This level of affiliate could be tagged downright
lazy to the bone. Let some one else do the work
and they will reap the benefit. Believe it or not,
the best they will ever get is the crumbs.

The norm for too many affiliates

They hug home base. May be they are Traffic
Exchange enthusiasts. That is all well and good,
however, promoting home base in company TEs
is not all well and good.

THE Best lead generators are you!

Gathering a wide audience is something you
understand and go after. You stay focused on
a core list of programs, not every ‘hot potato’
that comes along.

Using company promo materials, or designing
your own to fit the media is something you take
charge of. You are organized. You want and you
expect your promotions to work.

Your downlines, personally built lists and your
commissions tell the tale.

Of course, every idea, plan or action does not bear
fruit. But that does not stop you. Testing is a part
of the game strategy you never lose sight of.

Today is the day to decide where you fit into the
idea of a successful affiliate, or profit-making
business builder.

In the long run, it is your work ethic, your driving
ambition, and motivation that never lets up. It
will be your patience in carrying out your plans,
that will spell growth and the fulfillment of your
personal dream.


This Week mission:

Vote for 10khits4unow in the AF voting pool of great TEs. If you
belong to TEs that ask you to vote for them in Affiliate Funnel, do
so but leave #1 spot for 10khits4unow. Vote EVERY DAY and as
10khits4unow rises in the standings, so will your bonus credits.

New Pages See Top Header

These pages are in transit, being created as we speak but soon
to be posted. Keep a sharp eye out for all new additions.

The main one and first, will be a PromoSurfWinners page.
This is where all the surf promos will be listed. Did you win?
Be sure to check the blog often and check to see if you won.

There will be time limits set on some prizes so be aware and
stay on top of your business.

10khits4unow will NOT be moved to an LFMTE script at this time.
Thus it is under construction for a whole new look. But that does
not mean you quit surfing it.

In fact, if you are wise and lead generation is part of you goals,
then increasing your credit balance is a good idea. Better yet,
make sure the web pages, banners and text ads you already
have entered, hold healthy credit balances.

Lead Generation is all about Traffic

And YOU are the traffic. Your promotions in rotation and your
surfing focus make it all happen.

Imagine, if you followed the concept of Monday maintenance,
what you might have accomplished?

It will run every month, same time same place so use it as a
guide to your actions every week and you will soon be ready
to garner bonus credits for many current offers and more to

Monday Daily check list

1. Invite any new members to join us here in skype.
1a) you join us in skype as well.
1b) Join our TE chats for best communications.
2. Go to the downline builders in each of our TEs
Enter your referral ids.
3. Use rotators? verify the links.

ONE broken link means your rotator reported will
be suspended.

The above prepares your promotions and the
opportunity to build strong and build deep in
each of our Traffic Exchanges.

That’s it for today. Be ninja about your business then
watch the profits fill up your paypal.

f125Your Editor …

Admin: Fran Klasinski-warriorlady,
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.

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I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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