Getting Started in 2012

“A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain. “
~ Arabian Proverb

Getting started was the topic of the Sunday conference.

What do you see happening in the Traffic Exchanges that turns you off or maybe what you see is a good thing?

In checking The Traffic Exchange [TE], Industry, the promise of cash fills the greed concept if you join and surf.  Not so bad if the real value is teaching people to take pride in what they join and take that pride the next step and promote the TEs.

One positive note was a certain ad is inspiring a member to make better pages, they are turned off so badly by that one. Probably not exactly what the designer of that page had in mind.

Hey Stupid!

The gauntlet runs from finger in your face to telling viewers they are stupid if they do not join xyz. The good side of relationship building kind of flies out the window when this kind of highly questionable advertising is thought to be attractive.

How does your income in vs income out relate to profit?

The topic of budget – do you have one? Created a stir that will have some TE owners shaking their heads if they do not watch out.  Passing the value on of cash first is causing subscribers to take a second look at what their upgrades are earning them.

The  nickel and diming pissing pot seems to be alive and well but now it has upped the ante into the dollar range.

The question remains. Are the hungry seekers of this sort of offer alive and well? Are they continuously active in the TE that offers this sort of tickler? Or are the owners forever looking for new blood to keep their TE alive when the pissing pot offers take a break?

Traffic Exchange Advertising
Traffic Exchange are and will remain a great advertising medium. And TE owners who stick the course, do not get sucked in with the dollar first for intelligent marketing, will win the day.

Unfortunately, a few good TEs will go the way of the dinosaur because it is expensive to run a TE that brings in NO income but is forever paying operating costs then trying to match the greed factor without a stable income to offset their actions.

What about the gimme crowd who seek out these cash cow TEs?
Are they the kind of marketer a TE owner needs to help continue to build a good business?

It is a question whose answer will survive to haunt the unfortunate.  What do you think?

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I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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6 Responses to Getting Started in 2012

  1. George Culp says:

    Do we really need a group of people trying to dictate what TEs are supposed to do?
    People have gotten away from the basic premise of a traffic exchange; chasing the nickels dimes and now the ante has risen to dollars.
    Can they really justify the average user being turned into a dime and dollar chaser instead of a true advertiser – you looking at my offers and I look at you offers?

    Time to get back to the basics

    • 10k says:

      To true George but tell me quick what are the ‘basics‘ these people need to know,
      fully understand and implement? Seems TE owners have a job to do to help
      these people and maybe themselves?


  2. sharon ticknor says:

    The reasons above might explain why the traffic exchanges have turned into that pee pot.
    No, not all. Owners that care about their exchanges are staying out of this arena.
    Using traffic exchanges the way they are meant to be used and caring about the education of members is what I feel is important.


    • 10k says:

      Agree Sharon.

      It seems like ‘follow the lemmings over the cliff’ is the way too many new
      TE owners choose to go. They are new, green to advice that can drown them and
      virtually unaware that TEs are not free to operate. If ever they needed guidance,
      it is when they are new. Stay clean, trust those who have been around long enough
      to help you keep from being burned to extinction.


  3. What I see are members of XYZ traffic exchange promoting the same in those TE’s. What benefit is that except to get more traffic, it surely doesn’t promote growth therefore, no income.

    • 10k says:

      What might be better Bob, is if these advertisers are serious, that they promote the
      Traffic exchanges they like to use in outside TEs AND add a banner and text link
      in order to get three times the exposure.

      What do you think?

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