Traffic Exchange Marketing Thoughts

Why not incorporate list building as one of the major priorities of using TEs?

The issue of TEs is one seller selling to another. Once you know the structure then the strategy is simple.

For Instance …

Most sales are made after the first contact. If you do not have a way to bring people back to your site (even if it is an affiliate site) the odds of you making a sale are in the slim to none category. The rule bandied around is between 5-7 or as high as 11 times seen. Of course it really does depend on how prepared you are with your promotions.

You’ve heard the saying, People want to do business with their friends (people they know, like and trust). So your priority in relationship building is to make friends. Just remember even if you do not do this, your prospects, still want to do business with their friends. Better be one, yes?

Golden Tip #1: regular dialogue with your friends will help you
build that friendship.

Golden Tip #2 What is the difference between want and need?
Answer: Your prospects may really need something bad but they will not buy it unless they really want it.

So once you know what they want – surveys will tell you this; your job is to make them want that product you know will provide a solution to their need.

Golden Tip #3 All ViralHost hosted accounts have a great free survey program on their cPanel. Connect if you need help with it.

Contests and More Contests

The net and TEs are full of them. However, the best TE contests are where you can earn upgrades.

There are some pretty heavy stats on people saying they have NO money to upgrade. That is fine. You can earn one by being a surfer and promoter of the TE offering the upgrade.

For Instance …

ALL THREE Of our TEs offer you earned upgrades.

1. 10khits4unow – weekly upgrade Diamond 1yr. value is $215.40 Sign in, TOOLS> CONTESTS>Read RULES.
Not a member? Sign up here!

2. Clickaholics – Monthly winner Upgrade with a second for 6mos and 3rd place for 3 months upgrade. One yr valued at $119.88 Sign in, TOOLS> CONTESTS> Read RULES.
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3. 21stCenturySurf – Monthly winner Upgrade with a second for 6mos and 3rd place for 3 months upgrade. One yr valued at $119.64 Sign in, TOOLS> CONTESTS> Read RULES.
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The perks of being upgraded are not only superb you are also
on line for creating good income from each one. Join and we
will show you how.

Your Editor …

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I have been a Data Processing Supervisor and a convenience store clerk and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I am co-owner of 5 traffic exchanges, an auto responder, and a traffic funnel and a viral mailer.
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8 Responses to Traffic Exchange Marketing Thoughts

  1. As we build our business traffic is of the utmost importance. So very important to confer with your downlines to keep them active so they too can achieve more through activity in our great exchanges along with the hosting packages through Viral Host.

  2. Hello,

    Do you use tips, I do.

    Yes, some are harder to implement/get started on than others. So what if a tip is hard to use – those are the most awesome ones. What I mean by that is when you have used it time and again you will gain the knowledge that you gain, besides those dollars, is that they were not so hard after all.

    YOU just procrastinated and sat on your hands wanting someone to do it for you. Forget that noise and getting that rusty dusty on the road.


    Chris Klasinski
    aka gnucanuck

    • admin says:

      Golden Tips are the meat and potatoes of an action and they can be very important
      to earning upgrades or creating downline friendships or sharing new ideas you
      have tested with your subscribers.

      They depend on you. Your actions will show. And you make it all seem easy for them.

  3. In generating leads for my list from t/e’s I have always had trouble converting those leads to sales. I understood about creating a relationship the know like and trust however, just never understood how to do that effectively. The idea of using surveys really made sense for me. How using those as away to find out what your subscribers really want. Then it would seem to me once you know that the relationship building should become much easier.

    • admin says:

      Yes Dale. Imagine trying to sell spectacles to a farmer in need of horse collars or vice versa?
      Surveys can be so rewarding if they are a regular part of your marketing.
      Your people get used to seeing them if not too long or too often and are encouraged
      to answer the ones that apply to them.

      Let us know now you make out using them :o))

  4. I am a firm believer in building relationships online and have been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people from all over the world. I have had the opportunity to know first hand for many years that 10khits4unow is a true leader when it comes to both traffic and lead generation. I appreciate the fact that 10khits4unow, Clickaholics, and 21st Century Surf each provide the opportunity for free members to join contests giving them the opportunity to earn free upgraded memberships in all three exchanges. The tools and resources found within 10khits4unow are valuable assets to anyone that is wanting to draw targeted traffic to their websites and blogs, or product they are wanting to promote. The information and updates provided with this blog help to keep you abreast of current and accurate information, rather than myths that seem to be out there some times. I enjoyed the blog post once again and look forward to the next!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Vicki for the kind words.
      It is good to have you back on board again.

      Can see your list of subscribers signing up quick!
      they will have a good active sponsor willing to work
      with them to the success they seek.

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