Mail Call Profits Buried In Excess Spam

What are you doing to yourself ?  Are you in a major mail mess?

Do you have loads of mail accounts?  Are they all on overload chock full of mails you hope one day to read? You signed up to receive mail from someone who impressed you. The problem becomes a week later when you forget why.  Their mails keep right on coming while the mail accounts keep right on bloating.  The thing is, whatever they wrote to you about that attracted  your attention, can be found archived somewhere on their web sites.  When you do not have time right now, when that mail comes in to check it out, make a file  noted with the mail contents and save it to your daily work file. That way you have a better chance of staying on top of your mail accounts.

Garbage Day ~ time to work the delete key.
Get rid of the slush! These  old emails are outdated and the links will not work anymore. Serious marketers are on to making their actions count while you drown in the dead letter file.  Other than important information,  such as how to log into an account you have to create with some programs,  your folders should be fairly small in content as well.

Mail has always been a major headache for all of us to get and keep under control.  The issue might not be too bad if we checked it ONCE every day, say noon time, for mail that needs immediate attention.

Tips & tricks Using email
Try organizing them by sender (threaded view in domain mail accounts). That way, it is easy enough to stay updated with important accounts or do mass deletes.

Using the search function is one way to save time if you are in domain mail accounts. You can do so in any account for that matter but in domain accounts it can save hours.

Choose ONE day to clean out the back log. An amazing tip is to watch what searches for ‘a’ and ‘z’ do to that back log. Select all and delete. Job done.

Conversion and profits mail
Mail is the backbone to conversions and consistent traffic and profits. Do not let it control you. Setting up email accounts to best track your Auto-responder sign ups is a great idea as long as you stay on top of the series and making sure your new sign ups get the kind of mail that will move them right along with you.

Your new subscriber did not join you to receive garbage offers. They are looking for a  good mentor or guide through the simple tasks backed by value content to help them grow their business or at least learn the tips and tricks of why your program is better than the  other competition offers.  Make sure the emails you exchange, whether via an auto-responder or by downline or solo sends is all about helping them.

The punishment for sloth
Once your accounts start bouncing – mail box full or the mail addy is one you have changed BUT NOT updated in your profiles, you can become history, your account suspended for lack of activity, or even removed from their data base.    Keeping your profile in all the new programs you join updated, with active working email addresses is a must.

Time and organization begins with simple actions like keeping your email accounts in working order. That way the business of making your dreams a reality take on a focused direct path to realizing the lifestyle you want.

Test your accountability by naming five of your programs.  Now, with out looking, who is the owner of that program?  Who is your sponsor? What is the contact email in both cases? How did you connect in the first place?  What follow up have you done with that initial contact? Is your position in that program active or inactive? Why? What needs to be done to change the status quo?

It’s Mail Call! Go get ‘er done!

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