Strange But True Profitable Advertising Insights St Patrick Contest splash page GnomeSometimes fiction holds far more truth than the attempts of advertisers to make you believe their ads. Go over to
and tell us what you think.

As you move across the spectrum of products and services, styles of marketing, MLM, or Affiliate, misuse of entrepreneur idolatries, you will end up in a lot of places you may wish you never heard of.

The Platform
Presentation, packaging, design, development and pricing all become a future action you are better prepared to deal with once you participate in each of our seven programs.

Are they different stand alone pieces? Only as far as creating income is concerned. Basically, they form the whole of the platform.

Let’s take a look at one of our oldest and mightiest programs that form an integral part of ViralHost.

10khits4unow #1 Leader in Traffic & Leads Generation.

Build your downline, your list and form a strong basis for encouraging prospecting that fits who you are. Really now, you never want to ever run out of good leads.

St Patrick’s Day Contest
Meantime, a lot is going on with our programs and it is time you received an update. Take a peak at the newest St. Patrick Contest page for 10khits4unow.  Just add your ID in place of mine.

Double-barrel Referral Contest
Nobody in their right minds holds a referral contest that lasts FOUR weeks! Do they?  We do.

The reason should be clear to serious marketers. You are taught this is the time of year to set up your business interests if you want the whole year to prove successful.

So, ViralHost offers you this opportunity to build YOUR downline subscribers, active and excited, to be following you for the rest of your year. How? You really need to read the contest page to see how your participation creates a double win-win for all who see it.

Business Growth Plans
There really is no special time to build a business. It is an action that needs to be done every day, not just during certain periods of the year.

There really is no special time or length of time to hold a contest either. Bet  you have run into those referral contests that go on and on until 1000 new members have been reached.   Our contests are not quite that long.

Promote By Advertising  Do It!
However, we have noticed a lagging on your part to promote 10khit4unow. You surf and add new URLs to exciting products you have found and go nowhere.

What may be important here, is how you package your content to go with the benefits of the contest.

The solution to that is partly new eyeballs. Someone new has to see what you are promoting, something you feel so sure will be a good deal. This step is called filling your funnel. Some of those who click will be interested and may even sign up but seldom do much.

The difference comes in promoting 10khits4unow out there on the wild net, in search of like-minded prospects who want what you want.  THEN .. THEN … communicating to them why 10khits4unow is working for you.

That is called qualifying your new subscriber. Something only experienced marketers understand is a must do. It is NOT about you but about your new prospect. Consumer research heads the list for insights that pay great rewards.

Push and sell marketing seldom works. You get trapped sign ups who run for the nearest exit. BUT take your time and build both 10khits4unow, and you as a sponsor and you will find the active members who want to know everything about you and how you make things work.

That’s the sound of Ka-ching!! coming your way.

So there you have it. Fact or fiction? Dream on or take action.  Watch your business begin to take shape as you use the contest to build your team. This is week two. Time to get started.

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2 Responses to Strange But True Profitable Advertising Insights

  1. When saying the sum of its parts are greater than the whole does NOT fit in this circumstance.

    Looking at the gestalt of the ViralHost Platform, the parts are hardly delved into in this short blog spot.

    You, yourself as a reader MUST to satisfy your curiosity go and search out the ones mentioned and all the other components that makeup this platform.

    For this is just the start to your entrepreneurial endeavors in either online or offline worlds.


    Chris Klasinski
    aka gnucanuck
    Chris at chrisklasinski dot com

  2. George Culp says:

    Think it is a very hard lesson to learn – its about the prospect,
    not yourself! Get that into your head and you are one step
    closer to success!

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