Ever Had a “B” Session With Face in the Mirror

There is always a lot of work to do when you own a program. Most owners never talk about it except amongst themselves. That is too bad.

Affiliate or Entrepreneur in your sites?
IF you had a clue, two things might happen. ONE you would be a better affiliate and two, if becoming an Entrepreneur was on your mind, you would take the time to learn the little tips and tricks plus hints, absolutely everything that is offered to you.

Here is where the average marketer lets themselves down and ends up having that “B” session with the face in the mirror.

  1.    Nothing comes for nothing
  2.      FREE is a misused word
  3.      Learning is WORK
  4.      WORK is a four-letter word.
  5.      Impatience loses the day
  6.      Money NEVER leads, it follows
  7.      DEBT is the result of uncontrolled emotions
  8.     YES is an over used loser’s word.

Extra Extra ~ volunteers needed.
Fact is, you might volunteer to help an owner so you make the opportunity to become a classified nut like the rest of us owners. Some days that tag is no joke and not too far from the truth.

Bottom line though, is we love what we do. Every problem you encounter is a small issue to us. A been there, done that wear the t-shirt moment you will soon understand as well.

Especially, if you stick with us as we mentor you through all the snake grass you find so inviting. That is why our support is #1 bar none anywhere online.

When you are done reading here, go over to Clickaholics and to 21stCenturySurf and see what these two blogs have to offer you that benefits you now and where you plan on being.

Meantime, in order to forgo the “B” session with the Face in
the Mirror, start list building this way.

  1.     List all programs you belong to
  2.     List all Traffic exchanges FREE
  3.     List all Traffic exchanges PAID
  4.     LIST the top FIVE in each one
  5.     List the time it takes to work each one
  6.     List the REAL TIME you have to work online
  7.     LIST the Income you have made from each one
  8.     LIST the MONTHLY income from each one

This is your starting place. If you do not have this form of listing in place and under control, you are in big time trouble.

If you are on track and have time left over, good for you. If not, then do connect with us via support, for guidance.

Your Editor …ma

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
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Marketing with finesse.

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1 Response to Ever Had a “B” Session With Face in the Mirror

  1. George Culp says:

    A truly outstanding story of sorrow or success.

    People need to realize those same items work so
    well today just as they did when I first started back
    several years ago!

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