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10khts4unow Traffic & Leads Generation Evergreen

10khits4unow gnome mascot imgFrom its inception, 10khits4unow has had a broader
look at the the market of available membership for
each of its levels.

Treating FREE as the spot to be checking what it has
to offer and making sure you get the picture that free
will ever only open doors to something forever better.

Transparency and integrity have headed the list of how
members have historically been treated to current times.

Three areas appeal to serious marketers and when used,
turn member consistent actions to results that spell income.

1. Surfing

The focus here is to raise the credits to promote your own
choices of products or services. The TOS is pretty strict in
regards to limiting porn, BSOs – bright shiny object syndrome,
that engages members if supporting scams; HYIPs, cyclers
and matrice. Anything reported by official sites as a ponzi
will get your great product banned and your suspended if
that is all you have to offer.

While you can approve your own sites initially, you can be
just as fast shut down if you break the TOS- Terms of

2. Promoting and advertising 10khits4unow

This is where the serious marketer understands the power
of both list building and relationship building with their
downline members.

Your success on line, is fully determined by the following
you create that thinks like you do, likes you and trusts you.
The risk here is a few pennies that you spend to upgrade.

If giving up ONE Starbucks a month to be where you are
seen as professional, is too much to consider, then you need
to get off line. The only future you will ever have as free is to
make someone else rich.

3. Opportunity –

win free upgrades, contests, and brand your face, your name
and your online presence with as wide a market as you can handle.

This is where the tightest budget develops wings. There is
no shut door to the marketer with a goal in mind. Broke today,
in the green tomorrow begins with a dream. Participate for
the best results. It is your pride in the program, the many ways
it can help build you, and you are willing to share with the
people who consider you as a sponsor, that will tell the tale
when someone asks, who are you?

Fran Klasinski admin and editor 10khits4unow blogSubmitted by: Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Admin/Editor/Co-owner 10khits4unow


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