Rewarding Our Surfing Members – PartI

Rewarding Our Surfing Members

What is 21st Century Marketing Group

Sometimes we refer to the 21st Century Marketing Group
as the Texas Ranch where all Five Traffic Exchanges
reside: Texassizetraffic, Quarterlysurf,
21stCenturysurf, 10khits4unow, and Clickaholics.

We also have a very good but simple to use auto-responder
(VHResponse) along with ProTrafficFunnel (very effective
traffic enhancer) and TexasSizeViralMailer (viral

We have been working hard to keep our programs as
competitive as possible. All our traffic Exchanges have
Viral Traffic Games and Zubees. The Traffic Exchanges
and Mailer all have the LFMTE state of the art downline
Builder that you can read about here

Rewarding Our Surfing Members
Now on to how we reward our members for surfing!

If you are like most of us, surfing is tedious and
hard work; often boring and can make your mind come
up with all sorts of negative thoughts making the
process even worse.

At 21st Century Marketing Group, Wayne and I try our very
best to make surfing into more of a “labor of love”.

As such, your surfing should be rewarded justly. And in
all our traffic exchanges (see “Our Sites” in right-hand
column of our traffic exchange blogs), we have employed
various methods to make that very thing happen.

First of all, it involves our members reading our daily
email news and reviewing the information posted on the
member’s home page in each TE.

Armed with that information is the best way to start
your surfing rewards process.

On your member’s home page near the top of the text area
and just below “Click On Private Messages To Read” (shown
in bold red text), you will see “Today’s Daily Surf Promo”
IF we are having a surf promo that day. If we are NOT
having a surf promo that day, that will be a small blank

Today’s Daily Surf Promo shows you some general info
about the surf promo, a link to that traffic exchange’s
Calendar and a banner(s) you can click on to join our
surfing promo partner site(s) for that day.

Our current project is going through all the Today’s
Daily Surf Promo entries to change the referral link
attached to each banner shown to your referral link
provided you have added your affiliate id to that
site in the Downline Builder. Otherwise, it will show
your upline sponsor’s id.

Our daily email always gives you the Surf Promo Code
for that day which will reward you with several credits,
banner and text impressions plus other rewards for
surfing a set amount of pages (more about that shortly).

Another plus for reading our daily email… you will find
a link somewhere in the middle of that email that you can
click on to automatically receive several credits and
square banners reward for reading today’s email.

That link in your email will take you to that traffic
exchange’s Calendar IF we are having a surf promo that
day or it will take you to that TE’s login page if we
are NOT having a surf promo.

Occasionally, that email link will take you to a blog
post we have entered to share some information with you
about the traffic exchanges. Either way, you will receive
a reward for clicking on that link.
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